Why I’m Really Considering Backing Peak Designs New Tripod


For the longest time, I have almost gone out of my way to add accessories to my kit. Making an investment in the video had me adding camera cages, microphones, and handheld gimbals. When it came to tripods I invested in options that would be sturdy enough for video work but work well enough for photography so I never really looked into smaller travel tripod. 

Recently I made the switch to Nikon’s new mirrorless Z6 and it really got me thinking about weight and this is why Peak Design caught my attention today with the announcement of their new Travel Tripod. 


This isn't the first time Peak Design has innovated on something somewhat mundane in the field of photography. With eight other wildly successful kickstart campaigns they have mastered the art of giving photographers something new they didn't even know the wanted. From complete strap systems to urban style camera bags Peak Design is always up to something. 

The Travel Tripod has been in development for the last 4 years. They have engineered away all the dead space found in every other tripod design to date. The diameter is no bigger than a bottle of water giving it a natural home on most backpacks with mesh side pockets. They are also touting the deployment speed calling it twice as fast over other traditional tripod. 


That alone had my attention but once I saw how they reimagined the standard ball head I was sold. Simplifying the design for one hand operation has the user rotating a ring under the camera to lock the camera in place. And with large cutouts on 4 sides moving the camera from horizontal to vertical looks to be very easy. 

If you have concerns about your camera hanging off to the side in a vertical orientation Peak Design has a solution. Under the height-adjustable stem is a counterweight hook allowing you to hang your bag for additional downward weight and peace of mind, something I wish all tripod manufacturers would include. If that's not enough or you have already invested in an ”L” bracket for your camera, the head is Arca-Type compatible allowing you to vertically mount your camera and center your cameras weight and rotation. 


The tripod comes in two materials with price points to match. The aluminum version will come in at $349 retail or $289 if you back it on Kickstarter and a carbon fiber version will be at $599 retail and $479 backed. Both version can be backed today with a current ship date of December 2019.

So what’s your go-to tripod for travel and outdoor photography? Do you think Peak Design is on to something with this new design? Let us know in the comments below.