04° Trillium Trail


Trillium Trail is located near Makanda IL, and is part of Giant City State Park. It’s a 1.3 mile loop trail that winds around 80-100 foot tall sandstone bluff faces, ascends both rock and wooden staircases, and runs right by Stonefort Creek. There is quite a bit of elevation change on this path, but most of it is paved with large sandstone rocks and makes for a relatively easy hike. The trailhead is visible from the parking lot and hikers can go left for the lower path or right for the upper path, with both meeting back at the same point. Aside from the towering rock formations, babbling creek, and Middle Earthy aesthetic of the path, what makes this place a must-see stop for photographers is the vast number and variety of wild flowers to be found all along the lower path. The combination of moist ground and the shelter from the towering bluffs provides a breeding ground for over 20 different varieties of wild flowers and all the insect and bird life that goes with them. This makes Trillium Trail a gold mine for macro/bird photographers in Spring. In the Winter, huge ice sickles form on the bluffs making this one of the premiere photo stops in Winter as well. After a rain, Stonefort Creek can turn into an impressive, raging body of water, opening up even more photographic opportunities.

Difficulty: Easy

Access: Dirt and Paved Trail, 1.3mi Loop

Parking: Lot

Lat. Lon: 37.624929, -89.203665

Photowalk Date/Time: See Community Page

Mapbox Map of -89.203665,37.624929