02° Ghost Dance Canyon


Ghost Dance Canyon is a not-so-well-known area of Dixon Springs State Park situated downstream of the main man-made falls. The trailhead is located behind the swimming pool area and is lightly trafficked and of moderate difficulty. There are no single towering waterfalls here, but instead a long series of small, rumbling cascades that stretch the entire length of the trail and then some. The creek runs many more months out of the year than some others in the Shawnee, making it a nice place to photograph in all seasons, but is especially impressive after a series of hard rains. The intense flow of blue-green water and the contrast of the monstrous, grey boulders against the striking greens of the surrounding forest make this a truly remarkable location in the wet months of Spring/Summer.

Difficulty: Moderate

Access: Dirt Trail, 0.7mi Out and Back

Parking: Lot

Lat. Lon: 37.383787, -88.670324

Photowalk Date/Time: See Community Page

Mapbox Map of -88.670324,37.383787