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One of the primary missions of Exploremore° is to be a one-stop resource and community for those interested in exploring and photographing the Shawnee National Forest. Part of that mission is providing guides to finding what we feel are the most breathtaking, photograph-worthy locations the area has to offer. Every location guide will give you the GPS coordinates and written instructions you need to get there, explore, and get your shot, as well as some general information about what kind of photo opportunities to expect to find there.

There are a lot of places to explore in the Shawnee National Forest, and many people may not get a chance to see them all. Our guides of curated locations will help you narrow down your selection, and make sure you know which places you want to go first and exactly how to get there. For each location, we provide some photos of our own to both provide some inspiration, and to give you a feel for what the area looks like, so you can make your choice where your next exploration will be. For more pictures of a location, check out our gallery and filter by location to see what kinds of shots the community has been taking there.



01° Ferne Clyffe Waterfall

Ferne Clyffe Waterfall, not to be confused with Bork’s Falls or Bork’s Cave which is sometimes also referred to as such, is a beautiful 100 foot waterfall located within Ferne Clyffe State Park, at the very end of Big Rocky Hollow Trail. Big Rocky Hollow Trail is a half-mile, moderately trafficked, out and back trail with many smaller falls to see along the way, especially in wet months. Ferne Clyffe Waterfall, unlike some of the spring-fed waterfalls of the SNF area varies from dry to only a tiny trickle in drier months, but really comes to life after a heavy rain, making Spring the ideal season to capture it in all its glory. While the waterfall itself is the main attraction, there are also impressive bluffs on each side of the trail on the hike in, and the creek runs alongside the trail, giving ample opportunity for gorgeous running water shots, or capturing the textures of the sandstone bluffs.

Difficulty: Very Easy

Access: Trail

Parking: Lot

Lat. Lon: 37.540626525878899, -88.973550796508803

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Mapbox Map of -88.9735,37.5406

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