Explore. Shoot. Inspire.

Exploremore° is a community of people who enjoy photography in the Shawnee National Forest. The primary mission of Exploremore is to curate the best photos from local and visiting photographers in the Shawnee National Forest and surrounding areas all in one place, as well as to serve as an informational and inspirational resource for photographers and those interested in exploring the Shawnee National Forest.

Exploremore° Gallery

The first part of realizing that mission is exhibited in our Gallery, where you’ll find our top picks of community photos in one easy-to-browse photo gallery which is sortable by location so you can get a feel for what a location looks like and what kinds of photos other outdoors enthusiasts are shooting.

Exploremore° Guides

Another part of that mission is providing guides to what we feel are the most breathtaking, photograph-worthy locations the area has to offer. There are a lot of beautiful places to explore in the Shawnee National Forest, and many people might not have the opportunity to see every single one of them. This is why we feel it’s important to have a curated list of must-see locations for great shots. Our growing collection of curated locations will help you narrow down your selection of which places you want to go first and give you the information you need so you’ll know exactly how to get there. Every location guide will provide you with the GPS coordinates and written instructions to get you to your shot, as well as some general information about what kind of photo opportunities to expect to find there. For each location, we provide some photos of our own to both serve as an inspiration and to give you a feel for what the area looks like so you can make your own choice where your next exploration will be. For more pictures of a location, remember to check out our community gallery and filter by location to see all the great shots members of the community have been taking.

Also in the Guides section, we’ll continue to add gear reviews, tips, and interviews with members of the community, where you can tell your story of what photography and the SNF mean to you.

Exploremore Registry

The final part of our mission is fostering community between fellow photographers and Shawnee National Forest enthusiasts. The Exploremore Registry is a list of every Exploremore member along with their member number and Instagram account so others can easily find you and your work. The Registry system of unique id numbers, along with numbered vehicle decals allows you to quickly look up and find someone online whom you’ve met on the trail. Upon membership, also check out the community-only Exploremore Registry Facebook Group to share your work and discuss techniques, locations, and upcoming photo walks, workshops, and other events. A portion of every membership sale goes to local non-profits that help to improve and clean up our forests and outdoor areas.

Whether you consider yourself a photographer or you simply enjoy getting outside and snapping some photos along the way, Exploremore° is a community aimed to inspire and to make exploring the Shawnee National Forest easier and more enjoyable.